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Taking Your Dog on a Car Trip – Preparations and Precautions

Taking Your Dog On A Car Trip

For many families going on a long car trip with their dogs is unthinkable. However, with a little bit of planning, traveling even long distances with your dog can add a lot of enjoyment with a minimum of fuss. There are some preparations before the trip which will help make things run smoothly.

Things To Do Before You Leave.

You don’t want your holiday interrupted by canine health issues so a week or two before you plan to depart bring your dog to the veterinarian to get checked out. Any issues can be cleared up before you leave.

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How To Trim Your Dog’s Claws – A Step By Step Guide

Trimming your dogs nails is a fairly straight forward process if you follow these simple steps and take a little bit of care. You will need a good quality pair of dog nail trimmers.

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Step 1: Push Back The Fur

Step 1 Push Back The Fur

Push and hold back the fur to give you a clear area to work.

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When To Euthanase Your Dog – How Do You Decide?

When To Euthanase Your Dog

Deciding when to euthanase your dog is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. You are talking about a loyal companion. The one who loves you unconditionally and is always  pleased to see you when you return home.

As impossible as it sounds the only way forward is to try to put aside your own feelings and make your decision solely based on the best outcome for your dog.

Here are some of the factors that have helped others make this terrible choice.

Your dog is in constant pain which can't be relieved by medication. You may need your vet to help you recognize the symptoms that show your dog is in pain.

He has lost interest in food and will not eat

​He is unable to walk or stand unaided.

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Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Dog

Don't Let Thieves Steal Your Dog

Dog theft has become an increasingly serious problem worldwide. In the UK the RSPCA estimates the number of dog thefts annually at 5000. There are no reliable figures for dog thefts in the USA, but it is known that the figures there are also rising. The message is clear "don't let thieves steal your dog"

Dog stealing is quaintly called dognapping in some publications. Somehow this makes it sound less serious. But if your dog is taken, whether it is an expensive pedigree or a family pet which originally came from an animal shelter, the loss to you and your family can be devastating. So let's call it what is really is - theft.

A recent article on the "Your Dog" blog describes the way dog stealing gangs work and discusses some of the things you can do to keep your dog safe from thieves.​

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Choose Healthy Dog Treats Which Don’t Harm Their Teeth

Choose Treats Which Don't Harm Your Dog's Teeth

It is nice to give your dog a treat when you are having a treat yourself or simply to reward good behavior. Choosing healthy dog treats is just another way to contribute to our dogs overall health and well being. By giving our dogs raw bones or vegetables we know exactly what he is getting. When we choose processed or manufactured treats we are not so sure.

By making the treats yourself you can cater to your dog's taste preferences while avoiding any food additives at the same time.

Don't forget, dog treats are often given as a reward so they should be something special. Making them yourself is a way of ensuring they are just that. They might also save you some money.

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Dog Paw Care – Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws In Top Condition

Dog Paw Care

We all enjoy walking with our pet dogs. Regular dog paw care will ensure your pet derives maximum benefit and enjoyment from his outings it is essential that you take care of his paws. The pads on the bottom of the paws provide extra cushioning when walking or running.

There are things you can do to help keep your pet’s paws is prime condition.

1. Check the length of the claws regularly. When the dog is walking the claws should only just touch the ground. You shouldn’t be able to hear them click. A pair of clippers is fairly inexpensive and trimming the claws is not too difficult. You may want to ask your groomer of veterinarian for some advice in this area.

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Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe

Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe

We all like to take our dog to as many places as possible. As you take him or her on these excursions you should learn a few simple tips to keep your dog safe.

Some of these things may seem obvious, like keeping your dog on a leash in public places or making sure your dog has basic obedience training so that it will come when called. But there are also more subtle dangers that your dog faces. Such as toys that are in bad repair or dangerous chewable objects left around the yard.

In summer, there are even more things to think about. This is the time of year when mosquitoes.ticks, or other parasites which cause problems for your dog increase their populations. Dogs’ paws can get damaged by hot road surfaces. Many dogs are left in hot cars to suffer. You need to be constantly alert.

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How To Check Out A New Pet Sitter – Some Questions You Should Ask

How To Check Out A New Pet Sitter

Sometimes, when we going away for a holiday or maybe traveling for work we have to leave a beloved pet behind. If we doing this for the first time and we prefer not to send a dog to a boarding kennel then we have to check out a new pet sitter.

While you're away there is really no way of knowing for certain how your dog is being treated. We all hope to find a really reliable pet sitter that we can use again and again. Unfortunately, using a pet sitter for the first time can be a bit stressful.

Usually, you can tell whether a person relates well to dogs. And for that matter whether the dogs likes that person. However, whatever your instinct tells you. You should conduct some basic checks.

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Dog Walking In The Dark – How To Get The Most Out Of It

Dog Walking In The Dark

Walking your dog is an essential part of your dog's routine. As the nights get darker there is no reason to stop walking - it is good for both of you.

It you observe a few common sense rules dog walking in the dark can be just as safe as it is during daylight times,

It is a good idea to make you an your dog as visible as possible. This can be done quite cheaply. Here are a few ideas:

Get a roll of reflective tape and stick it to you dog's collar.

Get a flashing light similar to those that cyclists wear and attach it to your clothing.

Wear a high visibility vest. Use the same kind that road workers use.

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