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Teach Your Dog to Come When Called

Teaching you dog to come when called is one of the most valuable things he can learn. It is a stepping stone to lots of future training. You need to have something which is motivation to reward your dog when he displays the desired behavior. A small food treat is an is an ideal reward. […]

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Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up

The purpose of this training is to teach your dog that jumping up doesn’t get him what he wants but calm behavior does Step 1: Have Your Dog controlled with a tether Keeping your dog tethered at this stage means he can only make contact with you when you are close to him. If you […]

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Teach Your Dog to Wait In 8 Easy Steps

The wait command just means that your dog should pause before moving forward. It doesn’t mean that have to be totally motionless – it just means they should not move forward.step 1: Get your dogs attention and offer her a treat. step 2: If she goes for the treat close your hand and take the […]

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How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food

Your dog is probably begging because it has been rewarded for this behavior in the past. So if you want to stop your dog begging for food you need to stop rewarding for it.It is difficult to ignore those big brown eyes staring at you or following your fork all the way from your plate […]

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