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Shelter Dog Training – Why You Should Participate

Shelter Dog Training - Why You Should Participate

Shelter dog training (while the dogs are still at the shelter) makes it much easier to find homes for them.

Participating in the program can also have benefits for you.

These can include learning how to interpret dog body language, learning how to modify problem behaviors or you might even learn a new profession. The skills you learn as part of this kind of program will enable you to train other dogs including your own.

When dealing with shelter dogs it is best to assume they have not had any previous training. There is also a chance that they are at the shelter because they have behavioral problems. Even if he has had some previous training, it is a good idea to go back to basics with the training. It may even be necessary to start with potty training.

Your participation will make it easier for some of these beautiful dogs to find permanent homes.​

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It Took This Dog Six Years To Find A Home

Shelter Dog Finds A Home

This is the story of Freya. She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and spent more than 6 years in an animal shelter before she eventually found a home. As it turns out, all that was needed was a little bit of publicity. When her plight spread through the internet and print sources several people offered to take her.

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