It Took This Dog Six Years To Find A Home

Shelter Dog Finds A Home

This is the story of Freya. She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and spent more than 6 years in an animal shelter before she eventually found a home. As it turns out, all that was needed was a little bit of publicity. When her plight spread through the internet and print sources several people offered to take her.


Here is an extract from the article:

Ray and Jackie Collins from Greater Manchester fell in love with Freya and it was obvious to shelter workers that they had something special to offer her. They have spent the past weeks becoming acquainted with her and introducing her to their rescue dogs, Teddie and Joanie.

The adoption became final this week and the loneliest dog in Britain now has a forever family.

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It Took This Dog Six Years To Find A Home
This dog was in a shelter for 6 years before anyone took him home.
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Dogs Are My Universe
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