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11 Interesting Dog Facts

11 Interesting Dog Facts

We know that our dogs are interesting, but here are some things that you may not have known about them.

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How many TASTE BUDS do dogs have?

While humans have approximately 9000 tastebuds on their tongues, dogs only have around 1700. On the other hand, dogs have many more scent receptors than we do – around 125 million compared to our 5 to 10 million.

How many words can dogs recognize?

The average dog can learn around 250 words. Which seems plenty considering they can’t speak. 60 Minutes showed a segment featuring a collie called Chaser which knew over 1000 words.

How many eyelids do dogs have on each eye

Dogs have three eyelids. The third eyelid is called a nictating eyelid. It is not normally visible in a dog but can be seen if you pull back the upper eyelid of a sleeping dog. Many species have a third eyelid. In some it is translucent and is drawn across the eye to moisten it. If you are able to see your dogs third eyelid when you weren’t able to before it could be a sign of ill health.

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The first dog in space was a stray mixed breed dog which was found on the streets of Moscow. She was called Laika. Her original name was Kudryavka which means Little Curly. She was launched in the spacecraft Sputnik 2 on 3rd November 1957. Unfortunately, she died from over-heating within hours of the launch .

How many dogs sleep in their owners bed?

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, approximately 45% of dogs sleep in their owners bed. The percentage varies according to the size of dog. 32% of large dogs sleep with their owner compared to 41% of medium sized dogs and 62% of small dogs. The Mayo Clinic conducted a trial of dogs sleeping with their owners and found that both slept just fine.

Which Dog Breeds Have Black Tongues?

It is common knowledge that the Chow Chow has a black tongue. But, so does the Chinese Shar-pei. Many breeds can have black patches on their tongue. This is not a health issue. The black spots are simply deposits of extra pigment.

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Are dogs related to wolves?

Dogs and wolves are exactly the same species. All dog breeds are direct descendants of the grey wolf. Wolves and Dogs share the same scientific name: Canis lupus Familiaris.

Do dalmatians have their spots when they are born?

Dalmatian Puppies are born white and develop their spots as they get older.

Does a dog’s heart beat faster than a human’s?

A large dogs heart beats at between 60 and 100 times per minute art rest. This is the same rate as a human heart A small dog’s heart beats at between 100 and 140 beats per minute at rest.

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Why are dogs’ noses so wet?

There are two reasons why a dog’s nose is wet. Everyone knows that panting is a dog’s primary method of keeping cool. They also sweat through their paws and nose. The nose secrets a mucus which picks up scent particles. The dog licks his nose and transfers these particles to the top of his mouth where they can be “tasted”

Why do dogs scrape their feet on the ground after urinating?

As their paws scrape along the ground, they pick up scent which further marks their territory as they walk around.

11 Interesting Dog Facts
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