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15 Designs for DIY Dog Beds – Follow Step By Step Instructions

Check out these make-yourself dog bed designs. Often you will already have all the materials you need.

1. no sew dog bed

This comfortable no sew dog bed is easy to make.

No Sew Dog Bed

Image via Miss Frugal Mommy website.

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2. $12.00 Dog bed

Follow the step by step instructions to make this $12 dog bed.

12 Dollar Dog Bed

Image via Shanty 2 Chic website.

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3. DIY Dog Bed with an Upcycled Drawer Look

Check out the materials list and step by step instructions for this elegant dog bed.

Diy Dog Bed With An Upcycled Drawer Look

Image via Saws on Skates website.

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4. Burrow Dog Bed

Download the pattern and instructions for this burrow dog bed.

Burrow Dog Bed

Image via Lia Griffith website.

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5. DIY Pet Bed by Build Basic

This DIY dog bed is incredibly easy to build.

Diy Pet Bed By Build Basic

Image via Build Basic website.

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6. How to Turn a Dresser Into a Pet Bed and Nightstand

Follow the instructions to see how an old flea market dresser was turned in to a combination pet pet and bedside table

How To Turn A Dresser Into A Pet Bed And Nightstand

Image via DIY Network website.

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7. DIY Mid Century Style Pet Bed – with a Touch of Star Trek

 A very easy to make mid century style dog bed which, in this case, is finished off with Star Trek fabric.

Diy Mid Century Style Pet Bed – With A Touch Of Star Trek

Image via Our Nerd Home website.

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8. DIY Modern Pet Bed

Follow the instructions to make this elevated pet bed with tapered metal legs.

Diy Modern Pet Bed

Image via Centsational Style website.

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9. Dog bed project- Before and After

A luxury bed for your dog.

Dog Bed Project- Before And After

Image via Recycled Rover website.

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10. How To Make a No-Sew Holiday Dog Bed

This dog bed is made from 2 standard pillows and a yard of fleece

How To Make A No-Sew Holiday Dog Bed

Image via Curbly website.

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11. elevated dog bed

Follow the instructions to make this elevated dog bed from PVC pipe

Elevated Dog Bed

Image via Columbus Dog Connection website.

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12. How to Build a Murphy Bed for Your Dog

This murphy bed for your dog is hidden inside a cabinet.

How To Build A Murphy Bed For Your Dog

Image via This Old Housse website.

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13. Beau & Roux’s Corner- DIY Pet Bed

Check out the full instructions to make this elegant dog bed from an old suitcase.

Beau & Roux’s Corner- Diy Pet Bed

Image via My So Called Crafty Life website.

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14. DIY Fleece Dog Bed

Simple to make ​fleece dog  bed.

Diy Fleece Dog Bed

Image via Love Pets DIY website.

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Simple to make dog bed using 5 inch and 3 inch pine.

Diy Dog Bed Tutorial

Image via My Frugal Adventures website.

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