Are Dogs Ticklish?

Are Dogs Ticklish?

Any dog owner knows their dog’s sweet-spot – that favourite spot on the belly or behind the ears where they love to be scratched.  We know because a good brush or scratch sets off the back leg - that telltale sign.

That involuntary reaction is more than just a cool trick.  The movement is an impulse referring directly from their spinal cord. 

Healthy communication between the peripheral nervous system and the spinal cord is often tested by vets using this reflex.

Whether your dog consciously enjoys what you are doing is actually beyond their control.

But is your dog ticklish?  There is sadly no evidence to support the idea that dogs are ticklish. 

If a dog reacts by recoiling from your touch, it is always safest to refrain from touching that part of your dog.  A lot of the time, a dog’s withdrawal is more likely a sign of irritation, some form of pest infestation or rash, injury or pain. 

Should you find the behavior is ongoing, it’s best to pay a visit to the vet as soon as possible to soothe your dog’s discomfort.  A nervous condition may manifest this way and be symptomatic of something more serious.