The Miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed Information

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is ranked by the American Kennel Club as the 17th most popular dog in the United States. It is in 12th position on the list of intelligent dogs. They have huge personalities and can keep you entertained for hours. Like most breeds with big personalities he tends to think he is the leader of […]

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The Havanese Dog Breed Information

Havanese Dog

The Havanese dog is the national dog of Cuba. It was developed from the “little white dog of Havana” which is now extinct. The little white dog of Cuba was descended from a Bichon-type dog from Tenerife. This is an ancestry it shares with other dogs of the Bichon group of breeds. It is ranked 23rd in the […]

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Why Is My Dog So Faithful

Why Are Dogs So Faithful

Man’s best friend earned their nickname, and they constantly wow owners by living up to it. Owners are far from perfect, but dogs are resilient, loyal, and eager to please. Still, why are dogs faithful? Domestication Of DogsCanines and humans have developed a special relationship since the late Stone Age, according to a 2015 study on the […]

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Why Does My Dog Drink From The Toilet Bowl?

Dog And Toilet Bowl

You love your four-legged, furry family member unconditionally. This is true even when Fido insists on developing (and keeping) bad habits like drinking from the toilet bowl. You probably keep his water bowl fresh and full, but he still seems to gravitate towards the bathroom. You may have asked yourself a million times “why do […]

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How To Make Your Dog Like You

How To Make Your Dog Like You

Whether you have a new puppy, a senior dog, or any dog in between, it’s important for you to develop a healthy, trusting relationship with your dog. Dogs are known as “man’s best friend,” but sometimes it’s not that easy to get along with them. They can be temperamental, and often come with baggage from […]

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Stop Scolding Your Dog

Scolding A Dog

Training your dog is the process of teaching him the behavior you want in certain situations. It is not about punishing him or yelling at him. Most scolding takes place after the event. You return home and find your shoes have been chewed. You are naturally upset and let off some steam by yelling at the […]

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Chinese Crested Dog – Breed Information

Chinese Crested Dog

There are 2 varieties of Chinese Crested Dog – the hairless and the powder puff. Apart from the obvious difference between the two, they are completely alike in every other respect. In 2018, they were ranked 79th in the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds. They make excellent companion dogs and once they […]

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Should I Buy A Puppy Or An Adult Dog?

Should You Buy A Puppy Or An Older Dog

When buying a new dog, part of the decision-making process is choosing between a puppy and an adult dog. The first thing to realise is that, over time, you will end up with an adult dog either way. Puppies are cute and hard to resist. It is almost as if they were designed to be cuddled. You […]

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The Bolognese Dog Breed Information

Bolognese Dog

The Bolognese is a small dog of the Bichon type sometimes known as the Bichon Bolognese.  They are a companion dog which builds strong bonds to the person they spend most time with. They’re an easy-going dog which loves people. They are a fairly rare breed and don’t appear in the American Kennel Club’s list of […]

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