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Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil?

Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant. Its full name is cannabidiol. It does not contain THC which is the psychoactive compound of marijuana.

It is perfectly legal in all states of the USA.

There has been no formal study of the use of CBD oil in dogs. However there is a wealth of anecdotal and other evidence that it can be beneficial.

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Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs

Arthritis – CBD contains anti-inflammatory agents which can help reduce the swelling and pain in the joints

Separation anxiety - CBD oil use has been studied in humans to evaluate its effects on stress and anxiety. In dogs, it may be useful for separation anxiety and fear of noises such as thunder.

Cancer - CBD has positive affect on the symptoms of cancer. There are reports that it prevents the growth of cancer cells while promoting the growth of healthy cells

Improved appetite - CBD has been found to improve the appetite of dogs who seem to have lost interest in food.

General health - some dog owners use CBD as a general health supplement

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Possible Side Effects Of CBD Oil

Many of the benefits and side effects involving CBD oil use in dogs are inferred from studies in humans. Right now, there is limited data based on CBD studies in dogs. The side effects listed here have been reported for human usage.

Reduced production of saliva resulting in a dry mouth

A small temporary lowering of blood pressure. This sometimes produces a brief feeling of light-headedness

CBD oil is often used to reduce stress or anxiety - this can also contribute to drowsiness particularly when the doses are higher.

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How To Buy CBD Oil

Before using CBD oil you should get your vet’s opinion. He may recommend a particular source or brand of CBD oil.

Here are some things to bear in mind when shopping for CBD oil.

You don't want to be giving your dog pesticides or fungicides so the best choice is probably to buy organic.

Generally speaking, the higher the purity of the oil the higher the price. Check the analysis before buying. Most oils will only contain small concentration of CBD. Similarly, you will want to make sure that there is no THC in the oil.

The oil is best given as a tincture. It is also available as an additive to other products such as dog treats, but with a tincture, you have more control over the dose.

When giving your dog a new product it is best to start off slowly, see how it goes, and then build up if everything is OK.

Right now, there are no definitive studies into the benefits or otherwise of CBD oil for dogs. There are some being undertaken, but until the results are in it's probably better to take things cautiously.

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