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Why Does My Dog Lick So Much?

Why Does My Dog Lick So Much

The main reason the dogs lick is because they enjoy it. Licking releases endorphins which produce a pleasurable effect. They may also have been conditioned to lick. As a puppy, they licked their new owner and this resulted in a pat. As they have grown older the behavior and their owner has continued to reward […]

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How To Stop A Dog Fight

How To Stop A Dog Fight

Fighting is a normal part of dog behaviour. Fortunately, most dog fights are over quickly before serious harm is done to either dog. Sometimes, fights are a bit more serious and the dogs need to be separated before one or both of them is injured. Remember, breaking up a dog fight can be dangerous. You don’t […]

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Why Is My Dog Whining?

Why Is My Dog Whining

Compared to humans, dogs have a limited range of vocalizations. One of these is whining. They whine for a number of reasons. As dog owners, we should understand what our dogs are trying to tell us. Here are some of the most common reasons that dogs whine. He wants something From YouIf your dog is […]

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How To Help Your Dog Get Along With Other Dogs

How to Make Your Dog Get Alonfg With Other Dogs

Sometimes, our pet dog which is gentle and loving with his family turns into a snarling hooligan  when he meets another dog. This is often because one of them is trying to establish dominance over the other. Most often, one of the dogs will give signs that he is not a threat to the other and […]

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How Do Dogs Express Their Emotions?

Can Dogs Show Emotions

As a dog owner, have you ever thought how great it would be if your dog could tell you what he is thinking and feeling? Well, they certainly can’t speak but they do have ways of letting us know how they feel. We just have to know what to look for. VocalizationsBarking is the most […]

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Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits

Dog Sleeping Habits

Dogs seem to spend a lot of their time asleep. In fact, dogs spend about 50 percent of their time sleeping, and another 30 percent lying around but not asleep. Only 20 percent of their time is spent awake and active. How Much Should My Dog Sleep?The actual amount of time they sleep will depend […]

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Why Dogs Eat Poop And What You Can Do About It

Dog Eating Poop

Eating poop is a relatively common dog behavior. And, disgusting as it may seem to us, it is a perfectly natural thing for a dog to do. This habit, for which the technical name is coprophagia. Is one of the reasons owners sometimes give as the reason they are surrendering their dog to a shelter […]

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Why Do Dogs Yawn?

Why Dog Dogs Yawn

Humans yawn because they are tired or bored, but do dogs yawn for the same reason? As is turns out, dogs yawn for a number of different reasons. They use yawning as a communication tool. A yawn is part of a dog’s body language. Yawning As A Calming SignalCalming signals are used by a dog to show […]

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Calming Signals In Dogs

What Are Dog Calming SignalsDogs communicate in a number ways. This communication can be grouped in to three categories. One is auditory. A dog can emit a range of sounds including barks, growls, screams and yelps. The second group is smell or olfactory. Its main use in communication is to find out if a female […]

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My Dog is Peeing Inside

My Dog Is Peeing Inside

Dogs can have accidents and occasionally you will need to clean up after him. However, if your dog is continually peeing inside, this is a different issue and needs to be fixed. If he has just started this behavior, then it could be caused by a medical issue such as a urinary tract infection. You […]

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