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The Alsatian Dog – Is This A Real Breed?

Alsatian Dogs and German Shepherds – Are They the Same?Alsatian Dog Name Change. In many parts of the world the Alsatian dog is just another name for the German Shepherd dog. It is only in the United States where there is a separate breed known as the American Alsatian. In the United Kingdom during the First […]

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How Do You Feel About The American Pit Bull Terrier?

Let’s face it, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a controversial subject.Many people say they are confident, easygoing dogs which are non-aggressive with humans and make great companion dogs.On the other hand we constantly hear about legal issues and other problems which are associated with this dog breed. Many countries throughout the world have enacted […]

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Find Out Which Dog Breed Is Best for You

Different breeds of have different behaviors and personalities. These should be considered carefully when you are going to get a new dog. Certain dog breeds may be a better match for your own personality. The Dublin Dog Blog has some advice about this for new owners.

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Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Apartment living is a popular choice for many people. Whether it’s the convenience, affordability or lifestyle benefits, there are many reasons why apartment living might suit you.If you’re a dog lover, though, your apartment might not feel like a home until you share it with a canine companion. So, how can you find a new […]

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Top 10 Dog Breeds

One of the most frequently asked questions about dogs is “which is the best breed?” The answer to this is not simple. Dogs are beautiful animals and all breeds have their own characteristics and qualities. It really depends on your circumstances and needs. Dog breeds go in and out of fashion and really one of […]

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