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How To Become A Dog Breeder?

To start your journey on becoming a dog breeder, first learn state laws and local ordinances about dog breeding. Choose a breed you want to specialize in preferably a breed that you love because you will only be miserable if you choose a popular breed but one that disagrees with your liking. Once you have […]

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How To Become A Dog Groomer?

You can be a dog groomer with just 6 to 8 weeks of apprenticeship programs. There are no formal education requirements or licenses for dog groomers although there are voluntary certifications offered by grooming schools you can take. As a rule, employers usually prefer applicants with a high school diploma or GED equivalency when hiring […]

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How Old To Neuter A Dog?

You can have your dogs neutered when they are as young as 6 to 8 weeks old. Traditionally, dogs were castrated at 6 to 9 months but advancements in veterinary medicine such as with anesthetic agents and surgical procedures have allowed the procedure to be safely done much earlier. The recovery time is about two […]

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How Much To Charge For Dog Sitting?

How Much To Charge For Dog Sitting

You can charge from $15 to $40 a day for your dog sitting service, up to $80 for an overnight stay, and extra for the holidays. You can also charge for pet grooming and dog walking if you offer these services. Also, you should consider the accessibility of the area and special requests from your […]

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How Much To Pay A Dog Sitter?

On average, dog sitters are paid between $15 to $40 a day. This jumps up to $80 if you need your sitter to stay overnight which is usually 12 hours. Expect to pay more for full 24-hour requests and during holidays. You would also need to pay extra if you want the sitter to walk […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Cremate A Dog?

An average quote for basic dog cremation services is about $50 to $200. The cost depends on the facility and type of cremation you choose as well as the weight of your dog. Depending on your local crematorium, there is private and communal cremation. Private cremation reserves a separate compartment for your pet and you […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Board A Dog?

Boarding your dog may cost $25 to $50 for dog kennels a night while it costs between $40 to $85 for dog hotels a night. Some homeowners also advertise dog boarding for up to 2 dogs at a less expensive rate of about $15 a night because they don’t have overhead, employee, and other expenses […]

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Why Does My Dog Drink From The Toilet Bowl?

Dog And Toilet Bowl

You love your four-legged, furry family member unconditionally. This is true even when Fido insists on developing (and keeping) bad habits like drinking from the toilet bowl. You probably keep his water bowl fresh and full, but he still seems to gravitate towards the bathroom. You may have asked yourself a million times “why do […]

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Stop Scolding Your Dog

Scolding A Dog

Training your dog is the process of teaching him the behavior you want in certain situations. It is not about punishing him or yelling at him. Most scolding takes place after the event. You return home and find your shoes have been chewed. You are naturally upset and let off some steam by yelling at the […]

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The Risks And Dangers Of Retractable Leashes

Dog On Retractable Leash

You might believe all dog leashes are created equal but there are some on the market that can cause serious harm to you and your pet —namely, retractable leashes. Below, we’ll go through some of the dangers that are associated with these types of leashes and why your dog will be happier and safer without […]

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