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Exercising An Older Dog – The Problems and Benefits

As dogs older they’re just not physically able to do the things they once did. As well as experiencing physical limitations they may have a decreased tolerance to heat and cold. This doesn’t mean that they won’t try and do all the things they used to do. Dogs can’t tell us that they are experiencing […]

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Taking Your Dog To A Dog Park

Taking your dog to a dog park has benefits for you and your dog. It gives your dog to interact and socialize with other dogs and it is an opportunity for you to get some exercise. 1. dog parks promote responsible ownershipTaking your dog to a park promotes responsible ownership. Your dog will be off […]

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15 Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipes

DIY Dog Shampoo

Making your own dog shampoo is a pretty simple process. Often, you will already have the ingredients on hand. Check out the homemade dog shampoo recipes listed here to find one which suits your dog. 1. HOMEMADE SHAMPOO FOR DOGS (FOR DRY, ITCHY SKIN)Just 3 ingredients are needed to make this dog shampoo.Image via Life […]

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How to Groom Your Dog At Home

Groom Your Dog At Home

Learning how to groom your dog at home will save you money and make sure he is always looking at his best.[adrotate group=”8″] 1: clip the dogs nailsUse a pair of sharp nail clippers to clip the dog’s nails[adrotate group=”7″] 2: work your way around all the feetCarefully trim all the feet. You can find […]

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Taking Your Dog on a Car Trip – Preparations and Precautions

Taking Your Dog On A Car Trip

For many families going on a long car trip with their dogs is unthinkable. However, with a little bit of planning, traveling even long distances with your dog can add a lot of enjoyment with a minimum of fuss. There are some preparations before the trip which will help make things run smoothly.[adrotate group=”8″]Things To […]

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When To Euthanase Your Dog – How Do You Decide?

what is euthanasia?Euthanasia is the act of putting an animal to death or allowing it to die by withholding extreme medical measures. There are a number of reasons this could happen but for domestic dogs the most common cause is an incurable or painful disease. [adrotate group=”8″]What is the process for EUTHANasING dogs?Dog owners are commonly […]

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Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Dog

Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your DogDog Theft is on the rise. [adrotate group=”8″]Here are some headlines:NY Daily Times: Dog Flipping – Thieves Stealing Dogs ‘It pulls at your heartstrings’ The Globe and Mail – Alberta Canada.  ‘Police find 14 stolen show dogs in Redding’ Record Searchlight. [adrotate group=”6″]Five High Risk Areas For Dog TheftPets Tied Up In […]

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Choose Healthy Dog Treats Which Don’t Harm Their Teeth

            Running inside the house, his tail wagging, his chops drooling, a dog obediently sits. Wait, what? No treat? A dog being rewarded with no sumptuous doggy treat is like the world has flipped upside down! No matter the situation whether your dog went out, was on good behavior, or in midst of being trained, […]

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