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What You Need To Know About Dog Anatomy

Some of the names used for the parts of a dog’s body are the same as those used in everyday language. Others are more specialized. This article will try to use as many terms as possible. 1. standing four squareStanding four square simply means your dog is standing on all four legs. 2. dog’s headClearly, […]

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Classroom Dogs – Are The Benefits Worth The Hassle?

Classroom dogs may seem more of a distraction than a benefit, but more and more studies are showing that having almost any kind of pet in class can bring significant benefits to students. A major study conducted jointly by the Pet Care Trust and the American Humane Society published in 2015 found the top three […]

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Shelter Dogs – US Soldiers To Bring Them Home

We all know that the United States Armed Forces use the latest and most sophisticated technology as the go about their duties. Fewer people are aware of the role of a more traditional helper in these duties.The US didn’t really start to use dogs until the Second World War. The armies of Europe have been […]

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11 Interesting Dog Facts

I love to hear about other people and their dogs. I also love to hear dog stories. Recently, the Dublin Dog Blog listed a number of interesting dog facts.Here are a few of them: 13 dogs were counted among the survivors of the sinking of the Titanic. 2 Pomeranians and 1 Pekingese managed to escape […]

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