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How Many Calories Should A Dog Eat?

How Long Does It Take A Dog To Digest Food

Healthy eating, regular exercise, get enough sleep – these are all familiar concepts. Then there are phrases like: “You’re looking a bit too heavy, maybe it’s time to lose some weight,” or “You haven’t been doing enough exercise.” We all know these things are essential for the good of our own health, but if we have […]

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Is Liver Good For Dogs?

is liver good for dogs

Dogs eat pretty much anything, but how nutritious and beneficial is the food that you are giving them? Providing a balanced nutritious diet is vital to keep your pet healthy, happy, and active. The liver and other organs may not be your favorite menu item, but for dogs, they love it, and it is very beneficial […]

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Can Dogs Eat Turmeric?

Can Dogs Eat Turmeric

You have probably heard of turmeric, or more specifically curcumin if you keep up with health and wellness trends.What Is Turmeric? Turmeric is a delicious yellow-orange spice that is often found in curry dishes. It has a very deep and earthy flavor most commonly associated with Thai and Indian cuisines. It is a member of the […]

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Can Dogs Have Kiwi?

Can Dogs Have Kiwi

Dogs can eat kiwi fruit. It is safe to feed your dog a little Kiwi. Feed your dog a small piece first to avoid any possible allergic reactions or stomach upsets. If your dog reacts badly, stop feeding Kiwi. Here is some information on Kiwi and how to give your dog treat size amounts of […]

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Is Bone Broth Good For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Lamb Bones?

Bone broth has long been believed to have powerful healing capabilities. Bone broth for dogs is the pet equivalent of chicken soup for humans. Like humans, dogs need to obtain a certain amount of nutrients to live healthy and vibrant lives. Serving bone broth to your dog has proven health benefits when incorporated into a wholesome […]

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Can Dogs Eat Dates?

Can Dogs Eat Dates

Do you love eating dates? They are certainly a reasonably healthy choice for a snack for humans as long as they do not eat too many. But are they safe to share with your dog? If you are thinking of treating your dog with dried fruit, you will want to know if that fruit is […]

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Can Dogs Eat Salami

can dogs eat salami

Can Dogs Eat Salami?Who doesn’t like salami? Salami is the best pizza ingredient ever. It has been made for many years and dates back to the Middle Ages in Italy, where curing meat was devised as a method of preserving it to last longer. Can something so tasty also be good for our dogs or […]

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Can Dogs Eat Graham Crackers.

can dogs eat graham crackers

What Is A Graham Cracker? The graham cracker is made from graham flour and is a sweet flavored cookie, often made with honey or cinnamon.  Graham flour is whole wheat flour that is coarsely ground. The flour is not sifted during the milling process.   Graham crackers are usually eaten as a snack in the USA.The History Of Graham […]

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How Much Is Dog Food?

Kibble, or dry dog food, is the most economical dog food and a medium-sized dog can eat some 30 pounds of this in a month which would be around $100 to $200 a year. There are also other commercial options such as canned and semi-moist dog food but they’re generally more expensive than kibble. You […]

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What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Mixed Fruit

Many fruits can be enjoyed by dogs and are highly nutritious. Mostly they are sweet and small amounts can be given as treats. Don’t overdo it with any fruit or vegetable. Feed them in moderation. Too much can cause tummy upsets and diarrhea. If you have any concerns about feeding your dog fruit, talk to […]

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