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Can You Get Scabies From A Dog?

Sarcoptic mange, more commonly known as scabies, is one of the oldest known skin diseases. It is caused by burrowing mites below the surface Sarcoptic mange, more commonly known as scabies, is one of the oldest known skin diseases. It is caused by burrowing mites below the surface of the skin. Scabies can be easily transferable […]

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What To Give A Dog For Constipation

Just like humans, dogs can experience bouts of constipation. Severe cases can bring extreme discomfort, so it is essential to be on the front foot with treatment. There are plenty of home remedies you can try to resolve your dog’s constipation.  Below is a guide to help assess and assist your dog during this uncomfortable time.Signs A […]

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Can Dogs Have Sleep Apnea

What Is Sleep Apnea?Sleep apnea is a disorder where sufferers stop breathing and start again repeatedly. This happens involuntarily during sleep and is a serious disorder in both humans and animals.  The word “apnea” is Greek and means “without breath.”  The condition occurs when the throat walls come together during sleep, which blocks off the airways temporarily. […]

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Are Acorns Bad For Dogs

What Are Acorns?Acorns are the nuts of oak trees. They have a tough outer shell and a single seed inside. An acorn ranges anywhere from 1-6 cm in length and 0.8-4cm in width. Acorns commonly grow in the Asian, European and North American regions.Why Do Dogs Eat Acorns?Dogs are curious creatures. Many dog owners have […]

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How Long Can A Dog Go Without Food?

You have probably arrived on this page because your dog is not eating well or has even gone days without eating. You may be wondering why a dog would go without eating and how many days without a meal is safe. Is your dog not eating because he doesn’t like his dog food? Could it […]

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How Long Can A Dog Go Without Pooping

It isn’t until you own a dog that the question of how long it can go without pooping even enters one’s mind, but there you have it. Just how long can a dog go without pooping? The strange thing is that the product of a dog’s bowel motion can tell you a lot about their […]

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Why Is My Dog Panting And Restless

Owning a dog can be great, with strong bonds usually forged between owner and pet.  However, dog ownership also comes with the responsibility to look after the animal’s health.  Sometimes you may notice panting and restless behaviour in your pet,  and there may be a number of causes for this in dogs:AnxietySome dogs suffer from anxiety. […]

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How Much Is An X-Ray For A Dog?

There are a few factors that can determine the price for an x-ray, without getting into all the minute details, you can expect the cost to be ranging from about $80 to $400 for your dog’s x-rays.   The full cost depends on the area that needs to be x-rayed, the size of the x-ray, and whether […]

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What To Give A Dog With An Upset Stomach.

It is never pleasant when your dog is sick. This is particularly true when your pet has an upset stomach. It can be distressing for the animal as well as for you. So it is useful to know some of the causes of this condition, and what to do about it when it occurs.What Are […]

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Hot Spots In Dogs

Hotspots In Dogs

Hotspots in dogs are a common skin problem which afflicts dogs more in the summer months. They are a moist dermatitis. They appear as a reddened area that often oozes pus. They are uncomfortable for your dog and should not be left untreated. [adrotate group=”8″]What Are Hotspots?The medical name for hotspots is acute moist dermatitis. […]

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