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How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

dental hygiene in dogsDental hygiene is among the most neglected areas of care for dogs. Like people, dogs should receive regular dental care. Neglected dental treatment can result in problems eating, smelly breath, damaged and decaying teeth and gum disease. Harmful bacteria from infected parts of the mouth may travel to other regions of the […]

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Does Your Dog Have Lungworm?

What are lungworms?Lungworms belong to the order Strongylida. They are a parasitic nematode which infests the lungs of vertebrates including dogs. what is  LUNG-WORM infection in Dogs?Dogs pick up lung-worm larvae by eating an animal that is already infected with the parasite or by drinking infected water. Dogs which spend time in woodlands or scrub […]

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Watch Out For Heatstroke In Dogs

What is heatstroke in dogsHeat stroke in dogs is a serious illness where the body temperature rises above 103 degrees F. It can result in damage to internal organs or even death. The primary causes of heatstroke are hot humid conditions. It most commonly occurs when dogs are shut inside cars on hot days. why […]

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