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Should I Buy A Puppy Or An Adult Dog?

Should You Buy A Puppy Or An Older Dog

When buying a new dog, part of the decision-making process is choosing between a puppy and an adult dog. The first thing to realise is that, over time, you will end up with an adult dog either way. Puppies are cute and hard to resist. It is almost as if they were designed to be cuddled. You […]

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Top Tips For Naming Your Dog

Finding ideas for naming your dogYou have spent some time doing your research and you have finally chosen the right dog. Very exciting! Now it is time to choose the dog’s name. How to Choose a dog’s nameObviously you should choose a name you like, but there are some other considerations too. Use a short […]

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How To Give Your Dog Tablets

How To Give Tablets To Your DogFrom time to time every dog will need to take pills. These could be as part of a regular regime such as worming or a medication for some sickness. Either way, it can be tricky. It is often stressful for the dog and the owner. Are you giving your […]

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