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How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food

The simplest way to handle bad habits is not to let them develop in the first place. When you’ve got a new dog, under no circumstances allow it to sit near the table and be given titbits, and then it will never expect to get any. why do dogs beg for food?Dogs beg for food […]

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Preventing Dog Bites

Any Dog Can BiteDogs are everywhere. In the United States there are about 90 million pet dogs. Check the statistics here. This is an increase from 68 million in 2000. Under the right circumstances, any of these dogs are capable of biting. Everyone should learn to keep themselves safe around dogs. Parents should be dog aware. […]

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How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

what is potty training?Potty training your puppy is an important part of a puppy’s training. It involves teaching him not to urinate inside the house. He should wait to go outside or, ultimately, tell you he wants to go outside. It will require patience and perseverance. Always remember that your puppy is not peeing on […]

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