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Chinese Crested Dog – Breed Information

Chinese Crested Dog

There are 2 varieties of Chinese Crested Dog - the hairless and the powder puff. Apart from the obvious difference between the two, they are completely alike in every other respect.

In 2018, they were ranked 79th in the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds. They make excellent companion dogs and once they have bonded to you, you will have a loyal friend for life. They don't seem keen on mixing with other dogs, much preferring the company of their owner.

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Origins Of The Chinese Crested Dog

The exact origin of the Chinese Crested Dog is obscure. The most widely accepted theory is that they originated in Africa. It is believed that Chinese traders took them on their voyages and traded them at various ports. They are genetically related to the Mexican hairless dog and obviously have a common ancestry.

The Aztecs used them as a “hot water bottle”.

They may have been bred as companions for people with disabilities. They are perfect for this role and can remain healthy with very little exercise.

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The Chinese Crested Dog is classified in the toy group. They are quite small with a height of 11 to 13 inches at the withers. Adult dogs weigh between 8 and 12 pounds.

They have a distinctive appearance and it is almost impossible to mistake them for any other breed.

They have a spotted pink skin and the tufts of hair can appear anywhere on the body. Generally, they have hair around the head, on their tails and around their ankles which makes it look as if they are wearing socks.

The powder puff variety has a long soft coat.

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The Chinese crested is a cuddly dog who is happy to spend hours lying beside you in bed without moving an inch. He can be lively and playful when the occasion demands and gets on well with children. Children need to be taught to handle them with some care.

To avoid timidity in later years, they need to be socialised early. The greater variety of situations which they can be exposed to, the better.

They are an intelligent breed and easy to train.

They should have regular mental stimulation to avoid boredom.

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Chinese Crested Dog Health

As well as suffering from the same health problems as other toy breeds, the Chinese Crested Dog is prone to certain inherited eye problems. These include progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma and primary lens luxation.

Before becoming a Chinese Crested Dog owner, you should have the dog screened an ophthalmologist

Other recommended tests include a cardiac examination and a Patella evaluation.

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Grooming And Care

The hairless variety of the breed does not need much brushing or combing. However, their skin is susceptible to allergies, sunburn and irritation. They will need regular applications of skin treatments which have been developed specifically for your dog’s skin type.

They need very little exercise. However, a short daily walk will be beneficial. They have done well in canine sports.

They are excellent therapy dogs.

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Chinese Crested Dogs As Pets

If you are interested in a loyal companion, this could be the dog for you. They do not respond well to harsh treatment or scolding. One incident could put them off you completely.

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