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Choose Healthy Dog Treats Which Don’t Harm Their Teeth

Choose Treats Which Don't Harm Your Dog's Teeth

            Running inside the house, his tail wagging, his chops drooling, a dog obediently sits. Wait, what? No treat? A dog being rewarded with no sumptuous doggy treat is like the world has flipped upside down! No matter the situation whether your dog went out, was on good behavior, or in midst of being trained, always reward him with a doggy treat.

            However, choose dog treats that are not harmful to your dog's health, and specifically their teeth. Find treats that contain natural and organic minerals. Not sure what treats you should feed your dog? Sit down, grab a notebook, and then head off on a shopping expedition to the stores.

How Many Times a Day Are Dog’s Getting Treats?

            As loveable as dogs are, don’t spoil them with treats. Remember, they need to have an appetite for dinner. And don’t overfeed thus causing obesity. Pay close attention to calorie intake. Yes, dog treats are small and a dog’s hungry appetite can eat them away in seconds, it leads to overfeeding and an overweight dog.

Get an estimation by your vet of their weight, how active he is, and which treats he likes. Interestingly, cat’s teeth are stronger than a dog’s. Dogs need their teeth strength to play, eat, and attack (at bad people, that is!). Consequently, you’re going to have to pay for your dog’s teeth problems upon hard treats that damage the teeth.

Treat Suggestions

Bully Sticks: Also known as baked beef muscle treats. Healthy and digestive for a dog’s system

Liverwurst: It sounds unappealing, but dogs find the taste delectable. Healthy and makes a good snack.

Dentist Stick: Chewing on dentist sticks is healthy for dog’s as it strengthens, plus cleans their teeth as they’re happily gnawing on it.

Cold Cuts: Cheese, Ham, Roast Beef. Just like we adore sandwiches, cut off a small piece and feed it your dog. Makes a satisfactory treat and won’t harm the teeth.

Fruit and Vegetables

            You’ll be surprised, but some dogs love the taste of fruit and vegetables. They’re a soft and comfortable texture against the teeth.

Broccoli, chopped carrots, and even green beans. The best part is that they’re much healthier than the normal sweet doggy treats you’d normally feed them.

             As for fruit, cut-up apples, bananas, and watermelon slices are heavenly for your dog, especially on a hot day. Remember, cut up food to avoid choking hazards.

2019 Best Dog Treats

Treats aren’t always improvised snacks made just by you, buy a bag of treats most recommended by customers. Here are three of the most popular dog treats that are healthy for the teeth.

Rocco and Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats: 6-inch delectable doggy treats that include tender chicken, turkey or beef.

      2. Old Mother Hubbard Classic Natural Dog Treats: Crunchy different sized biscuits with various creamy flavors. And vegetables, peanut butter, and bacon mixed in.

      3. Wellness Natural Grain Free Dog Treats: Puppy-sized Hypoallergenic healthy treats which include a salmon taste and even sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries and artificial preservatives.

What Treats Not to Give Your Dog

Never feed your dog anything hard or toxic to their stomach. Unlike humans, dogs must avoid certain foods otherwise they develop an awful stomach ache leading to terrible consequences.

            For example, never give your dog the remaining chicken bones. The sharp edges will only cause choking hazards.

            It’s best to avoid:

Chocolate/Candy                              - Onions

Grapes                                             - Caffeine

Raisins                                             - Ice Cream

Chew Toys

Arguably, chew toys are treats as well. Dogs need to gnaw on something to distract them, make their teeth stronger, or for mental stimulation. Pets adore playing with toys. When picking out the right chew toys in pet stores think or your dog’s proportions. Avoid toys with easily swallowable plastic eyes and strings.

Reward Them With Something Else

            You can still reward your dog with treats, but what if it wasn’t food. Dogs always deserve exercise. Take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Or even some nice quality time is a treat enough for them.

            Every dog deserves a treat. Make sure dog treats are easy to swallow and take note of how many treats you feed them per day.

Choose Healthy Dog Treats Which Don’t Harm Their Teeth
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Choose Healthy Dog Treats Which Don’t Harm Their Teeth
Healthy dog treats such as raw bones or some vegetable or fruits are a great alternative to store bought treats which can contain additives
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