Choose Healthy Dog Treats Which Don’t Harm Their Teeth

Choose Treats Which Don't Harm Your Dog's Teeth

It is nice to give your dog a treat when you are having a treat yourself or simply to reward good behavior. Choosing healthy dog treats is just another way to contribute to our dogs overall health and well being. By giving our dogs raw bones or vegetables we know exactly what he is getting. When we choose processed or manufactured treats we are not so sure.

By making the treats yourself you can cater to your dog's taste preferences while avoiding any food additives at the same time.

Don't forget, dog treats are often given as a reward so they should be something special. Making them yourself is a way of ensuring they are just that. They might also save you some money.


The Dogster blog recently published an article about healthy dog treats.​

Here is an extract from the article:

A domesticated dog’s teeth share many similarities to those of wolves and coyotes in the wild. That’s because in both cases, those teeth are designed to process the protein so vital to good health. Your sweet pup actually has an instinctive drive to chew — and to put it plainly, canine teeth are shaped for efficient slicing and gnawing through fibrous material. Baked kibble disintegrates into starchy paste that sticks between teeth and gums, which can lead to periodontal disease. Contrary to popular belief, kibble does nothing to “scrub” teeth clean. If you’ve been led to believe this by clever marketing campaigns, pour yourself a bowl of Grape Nuts or grab a granola bar. As you’re chewing and swallowing, evaluate how wintry fresh your teeth actually feel.

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Choose Healthy Dog Treats Which Don’t Harm Their Teeth
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Choose Healthy Dog Treats Which Don’t Harm Their Teeth
Healthy dog treats such as raw bones or some vegetable or fruits are a great alternative to store bought treats which can contain additives
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Dogs Are My Universe
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