DIY Dog Remedies

Dogs are susceptible to a number of complaints. The ingredients to make remedies for these complaints  Are often available in your own home. Here is a collection of easy to make remedies for some of the more common dog problems.

1. Homemade Dog Paw Balm

Homemade Dog Paw Balm

This paw balm can help protect your dog from the cold and salty streets. It uses all natural ingredients and, according to the Halifax Dogventures blog can be used in please of doggie boots.


Homemade Get Rid Of Flea Dog Shampoo

Get Rid Of Fleas Dog Shampoo

This easy to make dog flea shampoo is made from easy to find ingredients which you probably already have in your own home. The full instructions can be found on the Naturally Eclectik blog.

Make Your Own Dog Ear Cleaner

Dog Ear Cleaner

This dog ear cleaner could help prevent dogs with floppy ears from getting ear infections. You can store it in bottles with a squirt top and use it as required. The ingredients and instructions can be found on the Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free blog.

Minty Vanilla Dog Spray

Minty Vanilla Dog Spray

An unfortunate fact of dog owning life is that dogs smell. Robyn from the Add A Pinch blog made it her mission to make her golden retrievers odor free. The instructions for the spray she developed can be found here.

Homemade Dog Toothpaste

Homemade Toothpaste For Dogs

The main ingredients for this easy to make toothpaste are coconut oil and mint leaves. It not only cleans the teeth but leaves your dog’s breath smelling nice and fresh. Illustrated instructions are on the DIY And Crafts FG blog.

Homemade Flea Powder


This recipe uses all natural materials including herbs. It not only gets rid of fleas but lots of other pests as well such as ticks, ants, flies and mosquitos. The benefits of all the ingredients used is on the Primally Inspired Blog.

Calming Natural Dog Treats


This herbal recipe found on the Mountain Rose blog make dog treats which have a calming, relaxing effect on your dog

Remedies To Soothe Your Dogs Skin

Remedies To Soothe Your Dogs Skin

An entry on the Happy Tails Spa blog lists 16 natural recipes to soothe your dog’s skin. There are a number of options based on ingredients such as yogurt, ground oatmeal land Epson salts.

Check out all the remedies here.

Home Remedies For Dog Constipation

Home Remedies For Dog Constipation

Constipation is a problem which is not confined to humans. From time to time your dog may have problems in this area too. For minor problems the blog lists a number of suggestions that may help get things moving.

DIY Carpet Freshener

DIY Carpet Freshener

The problem with carpets is that they hold smells. Crystal VanTassel-Lopez has come up with a formula on the Crystal and Comp blog which not only freshens up your carpet but also kills fleas. Even if you don’t have fleas right now, using this powder is a good precautionary measure.

DIY Dog Remedies
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