November 24


Do Dogs Have A Concept Of Time?

Do Dogs Have A Concept Of Time?

Dogs can tell the passage of time. It has been determined that dogs can tell the time passing from 30 minutes to 2 hours but not more. In an experiment, it showed that dogs' excitement when greeting their owners rises the longer they are away starting from 30 minutes and peaks at 2 hours.

Dogs are extremely observant of details and they learn through association. They could also tell what time of day it is based on the routine they observe in their surroundings such as the familiar tune of a television program that happens to coincide with their mealtime. Similarly, scientists speculate that dogs may be able to sense the passage of time by measuring the degree to which a particular scent fades. For example, depending on how much their owner's scent has faded in a room, dogs are may determine when they will arrive and be by the door at the ready.

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