Do Dogs Have Hair Or Fur?

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Although used interchangeably, a dog's coat may be referred to either as a fur coat or a hair coat. Some dogs have a double coat and this is generally called a fur coat whereas a single coat is called a hair coat. Chemically, both hair and fur are made of keratin which is a structural protein that also makes up nails and the outer layer of skin.

The two differ primarily on their growth cycle and how they are maintained. Fur grows denser as more follicles grow per area of skin compared with hair coats. They are much thicker to the touch whereas when hair coats are stroked, you can feel the dog's skin underneath. Fur has a much shorter growth cycle which means they shed more frequently compared with hair, this helps dogs during seasonal changes but this also means you have more to clean. 

Hair, on the other hand, has a longer growth cycle and falling hair is usually trapped under their coat which makes an illusion that they are shedding even less hair at a time. You will need to brush your dog often to remove these trapped hairs as well as other debris to prevent matting.