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Do Dogs Have Souls?

Do Dogs Have Souls?

Since man and dog first became best friends, the question has played on every dog lover’s mind, even inspiring films to interrogate the concern – Do dogs have souls?

The idea unleashes a debate of cosmic proportions, leading to further questions on the existence of a heaven that accepts dogs upon death. It all comes down to what you believe the soul to be.

Human souls are defined as the essence of a person, what makes us unique as we walk around in virtual meat-suits. Once the physical body dies, the soul continues on, eternal. What makes us human is our soul – our experiences, ideas and emotions.

Scientific observations have revealed that the mid brain of a dog function much like that of a human child between ages 0-4.  They experience a range of emotions comparable to that of humans, and all the physical experiences that come with those emotions.

However, even without knowing this, anyone who has experienced the profound love of the bond between pet and human, will have no doubt as to the nature of a dog’s soul. Science merely provides additional support to what every dog lover already knows by instinct.  Dogs are sentient beings with souls.

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