Do Dogs Laugh?

Do Dogs Laugh?

Researchers believe so. The average pet owner has witnessed dogs showing signs of sadness, hunger, shame, defensiveness when threatened and even jealousy.  In fact, focussed studies were prompted by the other emotional expressions often displayed by dogs.

We also know that dogs are able to smile and do so at appropriate time, when most content. So why not add laughter to the list of human-like behaviours dogs engage in.

Animal behaviourists conducted research on the very idea. They observed dogs at play and noticed the sounds and facial expressions the animals produced.  Some would yelp or bark loudly and excitedly, while others were quieter. These varied behaviours were hard to pin down, so maintaining that the dogs were in fact enjoying themselves relied upon reading their facial expressions – open mouths, corners upturned in a smile.

On occasion, a forced panting sound could be heard - a gust of breath being expelled from the throat. With prolonged observation, the researchers concluded that this may in fact be considered a dog’s laughter.

Perhaps you yourself have noticed this sound when playing with your pup.  If not, be sure to play close attention next time.  There can be nothing better than sharing a laugh with your dog.