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Do Dogs See In Black And White?

Do Dogs See II Black And White

The human eye consists of a complex network of photoreceptors separated into two groups known as rods and cones. Cones are responsible for the differentiation of colours.  Dogs only have 20% of the number of cones in a human eye.  As such, their ability to differentiate colour is far more limited than that of humans.

This does not mean that all colour is lost to your dog. With this deficiency, dogs mainly lose the spectrums of green and red, so a red ball on the lawn is all going to look the same to him. But they are still able to see the colours of blue and yellow in a sea of grey.

With this knowledge, owners can now choose more insightfully when shopping for their pets. Toys and bedding, and even treats in blue and yellow packaging will appeal more to your pup’s sensibilities.  But perhaps this is most effectively applied to toys and dedicated doggy areas around the house.

Before you feel sadness for the lack of colour in your puppy’s world, remember he is still an exceptional nocturnal hunter, a skill he achieves through his ability to see better in low-light conditions – a compromise that favours light sensitivity over colour.

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