Does Your Dog Have Lungworm?

Does Your Dog Have Lungworm

Outdoor exercise provides your dog with much more than just physical activity It is an important source of mental stimulation too. A recent post on the blog gives a list of suggestions that would make outings more stimulating for your dog.

Lungworms are a parasite which affects dogs. In the early stages in of its life cycle it lives inside slugs and snails. Lungworm can't be passed from dog to dog. For a dog to become infested with lungworml it would normally have to eat snails or slugs.

If left untreated it can be fatal so you should be able to recognize the symptoms. Luckily the blog has recently published an article which lists the symptoms you should look out for.


They start the article as follows:

Here at, we’re excited for the warmer weather and getting outdoors more with our furry friends. But the warmer weather also brings risks to our dog’s health. Last month we spoke about ticks and Lyme disease, and this month we are focusing on the very concerning threat of lungworm infection.

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Does Your Dog Have Lungworm
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Does Your Dog Have Lungworm
The causes and symptoms of lungworm in dogs
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