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Dog Paw Care – Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws In Top Condition

Taking Care Of Dogs Paws

Your dog loves exercise. He needs his paws for everything he does. There are some things you can do to make sure his paws stay in good condition.

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Keep Your Dogs Claws Trimmed.

Your dog’s claws should barely touch the ground. When he is walking on a hard, surface you shouldn’t hear a clicking sound. If you do, it is a sign that his claws need trimming. Most owners take their dog to a vet or a pet groomer to get this done. With a little bit of care and some good clippers, you can trim the claws yourself and save money.

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Protect your dog’s paws from extreme temperatures

You wouldn’t walk on snow or a hot road in bare feet so you shouldn’t expect your dog to do it either. When road or beach surfaces are hot, take you dog walking on a cooler surface such as grass or in a forest. When there is snow on the ground, fit him out with some snow boots. If he isn’t wearing boots and there is snow around, check if salt has been used to melt the snow. If so, wipe your dogs’ feet with warm water when you return home.

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Regularly inspect your dog’s paws for damage.

A dog’s paw pads can get dry and crack. If this becomes severe enough, they will bleed. Get some moisturizer that is intended for dogs’ paws.

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Also check for scratches cuts and abrasions. This is especially important when you have been exercising your dog in rough terrain. Keep a dog first aid kit handy for treating any of these minor injuries.

If your dog is licking his paws excessively, this could be a sign that they are sore. Check his paws and take care of any problems you find

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Dog Paw Care – Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws In Top Condition
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Dog Paw Care – Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws In Top Condition
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