Dog Paw Care – Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws In Top Condition

Dog Paw Care

We all enjoy walking with our pet dogs. Regular dog paw care will ensure your pet derives maximum benefit and enjoyment from his outings it is essential that you take care of his paws. The pads on the bottom of the paws provide extra cushioning when walking or running.

There are things you can do to help keep your pet’s paws is prime condition.

1. Check the length of the claws regularly. When the dog is walking the claws should only just touch the ground. You shouldn’t be able to hear them click. A pair of clippers is fairly inexpensive and trimming the claws is not too difficult. You may want to ask your groomer of veterinarian for some advice in this area.


2. Check the area between the pads. You are looking for injuries but occasionally a small stone or other object can become trapped there.

3. Moisturize the pads. Given the amount of work they do it is incredible that the pads stand up as well as they do. However, they can become dry or cracked and a regular application of moisturiser can help keep them in top condition.

4. Start a new exercise program slowly and steadily. Give your dog’s paws a chance to become used to the new regime.

5. Sometimes your dog can injure his paws by stepping on a piece of glass or something similar. In the case of a small cut you can clean it with an antibacterial cream and cover with a dog bootie. If the cut is more serious take your dog to the vet.

The tractive blog recently had an interesting article about dog paw care. here is an extract:

Would you walk across a hot parking lot or a snow covered field without proper protection your feet? Probably not! As vulnerable as a human foot, paws need protection, they need to be taken care of and pampered. Here are a few paw care tips to keep those little feet clean and protected.
They then go on to discuss the following:
Keeping The Nails Trimmed
Cracked Pads
Cleaning and Massage
Summertime Paw Care
Wintertime Paw Care

Read the full article here.

Hopefully, the tips outlined here will help you with your dog paw care.

Dog Paw Care – Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws In Top Condition
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Dog Paw Care – Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws In Top Condition
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