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Dog Safety – Protecting Your Pet During The Summer Barbecue Season

Barbecues are great way to entertain your friends and family. Unfortunately, for your dog, attending a barbecue can be a dangerous activity. This doesn’t mean you have to lock your dog away at barbecue time but there are some precautions you should take to make things safer for him.

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What Barbecue Food Can A Dog Eat?

You can give your dog some of your barbecue foods in moderation. Avoid foods which have been marinated in or rubbed with spices. Hamburgers and hot dogs are usually OK, but just bear in mind that these can be high in fat. Cut them in to smaller pieces and feed them to your dog over a period of time like treats.

You can give your dog small pieces of grilled meat or fish.

Zucchini and sweet potato are fine but many vegetables aren’t.

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What Food Can’t A Dog Eat?

Don’t feed your dog cooked bones. These can be dangerous. Be careful where you put the scrap bones after you have eaten. If they are left unattended, your dog will just help himself. Keep a covered container handy for the food scraps.

Some vegetables and fruit are toxic for dogs.  These include avocado, grapes, onions and garlic.

The toxic part of the avocado is the skin and leaves.

Grapes are actually one of the most toxic foods for dogs. They affect some dogs and not others. Eating grapes can lead to kidney failure, so it is best not to take a chance and keep them away from your dog altogether.

Onions and garlic belong to the lily family. They are toxic to dogs in any form.

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Other Dangers For Dogs At Barbecues

All rubbish should be kept out of your dog’s reach. Plastic wrap and aluminium foil will be irresistible to your dog if it is covered in grease or attached to some leftovers.

Barbecue necessities like charcoal, lighter fuel and matches should be kept well away from your dog.

Never leave your barbecue unattended.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that pets and children are kept at least three feet away from grills. 

Many barbecue tools are dangerous for dogs. Knives or wood and metal skewers should be kept in safe place.

There is often a grease collector beneath the grill. Keep this as clean as possible between barbecues. If your dog manages to get hold of this it could lead to severe stomach  problems.

Keep alcohol away from dogs. Even a small amount of strong alcohol can be fatal for a dog.

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General Dog Safety At Barbecues

A barbecue is an opportunity for friends to get together and enjoy themselves. Your dog could potentially be meeting a lot of new people including children.

Ask your guests not to feed leftovers to your dog.

Ensure your dog is not put in a situation where it might feel threatened and even bite.

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Dog Safety - Keeping Your Pet Safe During The Summer Barbecue Season
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