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Dog Walking In The Dark – How To Get The Most Out Of It

Dog Walking in the dark

It’s pretty obvious – walking your dog at night is more dangerous than walking him during the day.  However, both you and your dog will benefit from daily exercise regardless of how dark it is outside. There are precautions to make you and your dog safer. These can be summarised as: see and be seen.

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Make Sure You Can Be Seen When Walking Your Dog At Night.

For your safety, road users need to be able to see you. This means not wearing dark clothing and, if possible, wear some eye-catching reflective clothes. Your dog too, should be easy to see. Consider getting him a reflective coat. There are now luminous collars and leashes which make your dog stand out. A small led light which can be attached to your dog’s collar is another alternative.  In summary, the more ways you can make yourself stand out and be visible to others the better.

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Stick To Areas Where there is good vision.

This means staying in areas which are well lit. You want to be able to see hazards and dangers before it is too late. Your dog will have a better sense of what is around you than you do. You don’t want him trying to chase after cats and other night creatures and possibly causing both of you to have an accident.

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When Walking Your Dog At Night You Should: 

Carry a torch. Of course, a torch will help you see into badly lit areas but it will also be useful for finding and picking up your dog’s poop. Using a torch will help you pick up hazards like broken glass and if you are in the right area, even snakes and scorpions.

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Other Tips For Safely Walking Your Dog At Night.

Your dog should always be on a short leash. You don’t want him running off chasing a night creature. He could run across a busy road or get himself into some other trouble. Do not use a retractable lead at night. These are hard for people to see and they may get the impression that your dog is running loose.

If possible, organise a walking buddy. All dogs need to be walked daily. You might be able to find another dog owner to go along with you.

Take your phone with you. This is for emergency purposes. You don’t want to be making calls, texting or listening to music. Focus on your dog. Walking together is a great bonding exercise and you should use the time to relax and enjoy your dog’s company. You also need to focus on your surroundings.

Tell someone where you are going. The route you plan to take, and what time you expect to return.

Walk in a quiet well lit area rather than on busy streets

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Dog Walking In The Dark - How To Get The Most Out Of It
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Dog Walking In The Dark - How To Get The Most Out Of It
How to walk you dog in the dark safely and securely. Some tips to make dog walking after dark as safe as walking in the day.
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