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Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Dog

Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Dog

Dog Theft is on the rise.

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Here are some headlines:

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Five High Risk Areas For Dog Theft

Pets Tied Up In Front Of Shops Or Cafes.

Many business do not allow dogs on their premises. It is tempting to leave your dog tied up outside for seems a relatively short time. Unfortunately, this short time is long enough for a thief to take your dog and be gone. Thinks about it – you would only leave your dog tied up outside if he was calm and well-behaved. These characteristics make the dog easier to steal.

Visitors To Your Home Or Premises.

It is inevitable that, from time to time, strangers will visit your home. These could be repairmen, deliverymen or even canvassers. While these people are not likely to try to take the dog away with them, they will see you have a valuable breed and could plan to return later. Of course, the vast majority of these people will be honest. Just use a little caution.

Dogs left in Fenced Backyards.

Dogs are often left in the backyard while their owners are away at work for the day. Fences only give the illusion of safety. They may keeps the dogs in but they won’t keep dog thieves out.

Dogs In Cars

Dogs are often left in cars while their owner runs an errand. The owners usually leave one of the windows slightly open for the dogs comfort.

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This presents a tempting opportunity for a dog thief. There are many reported cases of owners returning to their cars to find their dogs missing.

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Highly Prized Breeds Are More Susceptible To Theft.

Your dog is more likely to be stolen if it is a valuable or fashionable breed. These dogs can be resold for large sums and should be supervised whenever possible.

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preventing Dog Theft

Based on the information above, here is a list of don’ts for preventing dog theft.

Firstly never encourage this crime by buying a stolen dog. Buy your dog from a reputable source with the appropriate paperwork. Of course, it you can, give a shelter dog a forever home.

If your dog has not been microchipped when you get it, have it microchipped as soon as possible. Make sure you keep your information up to date with your microchip recovery provider. The American Kennel Club has a recovery service. You can find out more about it here. AKC Reunite. Theft aside, your dog is more likely to be found if he becomes lost for any reason if he is microchipped.

Keep your dog on a leash.

This is for obvious reasons. Your dog is much less likely to be stolen when it is attached to you.

Do not leave your dog outside unattended.

Be cautious of strangers. One of the benefits of dog ownership is that it is a good way to meet fellow dog owners. Dog owners are more likely to smile at each other or even strike up a conversation when they are out walking their dogs. When you first meet a new person, be alert if they seem too interested in your dog. Especially if they ask how much the dog cost, how much it is worth and so on.

Don’t leave your dog alone in the car. While your dog may have been the initial temptation for a thief to break in, he might grab a few more valuables while he is there.

Lock the gate. While a fence will not keep a thief out, it will make it slightly harder to take the dog.

Do not leave your dog tied up outside a store.

If, despite taking all these precautions, your dog is stolen contact the police immediately. You should also canvass your neighborhood yourself in case someone has seen something suspicious.

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Don't Let Thieves Steal Your Dog
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Don't Let Thieves Steal Your Dog
Worldwide, the theft of dogs is increasing. They are often sent to puppy farms or used for training fighting dogs. So don't let thieves steal your dog
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