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Feeding A Puppy – How Much Is Enough?

Feeding A Puppy - How Much Is Enough?

Bringing a puppy home is the most exciting time! You have a new four-legged member to the family! Taking care of a puppy is similar to raising a baby. They’re a lot of work, can drive you insane, but carry so much love.

            Be aware that dogs have big appetites. As the pet parent, you should know when it’s time to feed them and how much they should eat. Don’t let those adorable puppy eyes control you. You are the boss!

            Here are a few feeding tips for your puppy so you won’t overfeed that little stomach on the first day.

What to Feed Your Puppy

Puppies are nursed for the first four weeks by their mother. Just leave it to mother dog who is serving their baby the needed nutrients. Once they are able to withstand eating solid food, feed them dry kibble soaked with warm water. Or blend the kibble with milk replacer to easily wean the puppy off from his mother’s milk.

There are also specific dog foods for puppies in stores.

            Examples of Dog Foods:

Naked Essentials Puppy Formula

Wellness Core Grain Free Large Puppy

Taste of the Wild High Praire Puppy

Diamonds Naturals Small Breed Puppy

Adjusting Your Puppy to Solid Food

Slowly adjust your puppy to this new style of eating as they have been weaned for the first month of their life by their mother. Don’t force them to eat if they don’t want to take a nibble. Your puppy will slowly come around and understand that this is now their normal eating schedule.

What is Your Dog’s Weight?

As there is no definitive way to figure out how much your dog should eat, according to your dog’s weight, it is the amount of you should feed your dog per day. Pay attention to food labels as they advise the right serving amount.

            For example, a five-pound puppy needs 1/2 - 5/8 of a cup as a serving amount per day while a 40-pound dog should be served 2 1/4 - 3 cups a day.

How Many Meals Per Day

            Start with four meals a day and slowly lessen their feedings to twice a day as they grow older. Divide the feedings accordingly for the morning, noon, and mid-afternoon snack, and dinner. Avoid late night feedings as puppies need to digest. Create a meal schedule. That way your puppy will figure out when he should eat.

The Difference Between and Adult Dog and a Puppy

Adult dogs have different health requirements and they’ve have done their growing. Adult dog food has the possibility to make puppies sick and vice versa. Adult dog food hurts puppies weak teeth due to the rough texture. Puppies need protein, micronutrients, and carbs.

            Puppy foods are higher in protein and have carefully formulated amounts of essential fatty acids.

Avoid Feeding Puppies From the Table

Avoid giving your puppy any table scraps. They’ll either get sick or gain a massive amount of weight. Their stomachs are not strong enough to handle people food yet. Feeding your dog from the table also increases a very bad habit of begging.

What NOT to Feed Your Puppy

As mentioned above The number one DON’T in raising your puppy never feeding them table scraps. Puppies should stick to their own food.

            Other Foods to Stay Clear From:

Chocolate/Candy            - Apple Seeds                            - Sugar

Avocado                          - Raw Meat & Fish                     - Tobacco

Cat Food                         - Grapes & Raisins                     - Macadamia nuts

Always Ask Your Vet

The veterinarian is always here to aid you if you have any questions. Being a dog parents is never an easy job. The vet will keep you up to date on your dog’s health, the right dog food, and also their weight. Keep your dog’s weight monitored. Obesity is a risk to a dog’s health.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Give your new puppy the best life they deserve. Pay attention to their servings or they’re going to have an awful tummy ache. No dog wants to be obese. Create a feeding schedule that works for you and your dog. Owning a dog is a lot of work but it is worth all the love and kisses.

Feeding A Puppy - How Much Is Enough?
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Feeding A Puppy - How Much Is Enough?
What food you should give a puppy and how often. Puppies are developing quickly and they have special nutrition needs to make sure their bones, muscles and every ting else develop properly.
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