Feeding Your Dog Vegan Food – Is It Healthy For Dogs

Feeding Your Dog Vegan Food

Many vegetarians and vegans ask the question of whether they can feed their dog vegan food. It is something that I had often wondered myself. As it turns out it may be healthier to keep your dog on a vegetarian or vegan diet than it is to feed him supermarket pet food.

Some people wonder whether it's natural to feed dogs vegetarian food. In fact in in the wild dogs eat a great deal of vegetarian matter.

This question has been comprehensively answered on the Tractive blog. The article also includes a recipe for vegan treats!


As they say in their introduction:

If you are vegan yourself, then you might find it difficult to feed your four-legged friend conventional dog food made from meat and animal ingredients. Luckily, it is possible to feed a dog an all-vegan diet. Dogs are actually classified in the order carnivora, but, like humans, dogs are omnivores and can live a perfectly normal life on a well-balanced vegan diet. A dog’s nutritional needs can easily be met through plant and mineral sources and, nowadays, there are many different vegan dog food brands produced to give your dog everything he or she needs.

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Feeding Your Dog Vegan Food - Is It Healthy For Dogs
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Feeding Your Dog Vegan Food - Is It Healthy For Dogs
Vegan food is a healthy alternative for dogs. It could be healthier than supermarket pet foods.
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Dogs Are My Universe
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