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Find Out Which Dog Breed Is Best for You

Find Out Which Dog Breed Is Best for You

Are you looking for the right dog to fit your personality? Dogs are beloved creatures of this world. They instantly make your day brighter the second you walk in the door.

            Selecting which puppy you want to take home is the hardest process ever. All those doggy eyes begging for you to take them home. Don’t be fooled by those eyes. Behind those angel eyes could be a dog that has too much energy and may not be the nicest dog out there.

            In this article, we will tell you which breed is the right fit for you and your family. That will make the choosing process a little easier.

We all Have Unique Personalities

Do you like to make noise? Do you like a peaceful quiet day? Do you like running around day after day or would you rather have a calming day where you do absolutely nothing?

If you’re planning to get a dog who runs all over the house as you’re peacefully trying to read a book, the odds are that you may have made the wrong decision. 

            If you want to have a decent relationship with your dog then choose a canine that has your personality and likes to do what you do.

What is Your Family Like?

Do you have a big family? How will your children treat this newcomer? What your family is like matters in this selection to find the best breed. How healthy will your dog be when you make them a new member to your family?

            How your dog behaves with every member of the household is a very important key role. Having a dog around with an infant may not be safe. Dogs and young children need an equal amount of attention.

What is Your Living Situation Like?

Your living style is very important, too. The size of your home should determine how big of a dog you should own. If you’re living in an apartment be sure that dogs are allowed. Living so closely next to your neighbors may be a disruption for them.

            Living in the city is much harder to raise both a dog and a family at the same time. Calm suburban settings are much easier to live in. Dogs are outsiders. They need their space to be able to run around and take that needed walk.

            Even consider the budget, too. Can you support yourself, a family and a dog?

Don’t Know What Breed is for You?

Dog specialists exist for a reason. Talk to one and they’ll give you a hand full of helpful advice. There are also online tests that help owners choose the breed of dog that is right for their personality. The tests help you connect your personalities and in the end, you’ll learn which breed is the right dog for you to own.

Facts About Breeds

There are breeds like mixed breeds, crossbreeds, and purebreds. Puppies are either being sold from families who bred dogs, pet stores, or animal shelters. Dog breeders can help steer you in the best direction for the dog breed that is right for you. Breeds are different in personality and life-span.

Which is the Best Breed

Don’t underestimate dogs, A dog’s opinion should never be ignored. Like humans, dogs also have a distinct personality and different traits. While some breeds are lazy and want to lay around all day, other breeds would chase a ball through the open fields for hours.

            Pick the dog that matches your lifestyle and personality. Otherwise, you have an unfriendly roommate who you are not going to get along with.

            According to studies, these are the best breeds:

German Shepherds,


Golden Retrievers

Newfoundland Dog

Portuguese Water Dog


Labrador Retrievers

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Mixed Breeds

Your Selection Matters

            Having a close bond with your dog is everything. Dogs are like having a child, especially puppies. Don’t get a dog just because you’ve always wanted one. Being the owner to a dog is one of the best opportunities ever.

Be honest in your selection and think about you, your family, and living situation. Owning a dog is worth it in the end.

Find Out Which Dog Breed Is Best for You
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Find Out Which Dog Breed Is Best for You
How to choose the dog breed which suits your personalty
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