How Can I Remove Dog Urine Odor From Carpet?

 “How Can I Remove Dog Urine Odor From Carpet?” is locked	 How Can I Remove Dog Urine Odor From Carpet?

Blot the damp urine with a paper towel and remove the smell with a vinegar solution. If the dog hasn’t been potty trained, accidents can happen without a warning. Clean up the urine while it’s still wet. If the urine dries on the carpet, it could stain the carpet and boost the growth of bacteria. Lay down the paper towels on the urine and press the towels with your feet to better absorb the urine into the towels.

Even though the urine can be removed from the carpet, removing the odor from the carpet can be slightly difficult. A vinegar solution can be used to neutralize the odor of the urine. Mix one-part vinegar with one part water. Vinegar can neutralize the smell of urine without damaging the carpet or fading its fibers. 

Pour the solution on the carpet slowly on the stained area. Let the solution reach the fibers in the lower layer to completely get rid of the smell of urine. After letting the solution absorb into the carpet for the next 10 minutes, lay down another layer of paper towels to soak up the liquid.

It could take several hours for the carpet to almost dry. Sprinkle some baking soda on the stained area to further absorb the smell. Let the baking soda sit on the carpet for around 15 minutes and then vacuum the area.

The smell of dog urine can be removed with commercial pet stain removers and deodorizers to fight off the smell. A carpet cleaner can also help with removing the urine stain and the odor.