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How Far Can A Puppy Walk?

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How far your puppy can walk will depend on his breed, age and medical condition. However, early on in his life he will not need to be walked at all. Your puppy will need some daily exercise but most of this can come from playing games. in the early months, they are just not built to walk very far.

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Puppies need less exercise than adult dogpuppiess

Even though they are livelier, puppies need a lot less physical exercise than adult dogs. Overdoing puppy exercise can lead to fatigue and joint damage. This is especially true for large breeds. Exercise requirements vary from breed to breed, but all puppies should have a couple of short play periods daily. These play times should be increased by 5 minutes a session for each additional month of age. A 3-month-old puppy should have 15 minutes of play.

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Your puppy's growth plates

At the end of each bone, puppies have a soft area of cartilage known as a growth plate or epiphyseal plates. The growth plate determines the future length and shape of each bone.

These plates can become damaged by too much activity. If they are damaged in this way or by trauma, this could affect the growth of the bone and it may never reach its optimal length. This leads to problems for the puppy and can often lead to permanent injury. The fastest period of puppy growth is between about 4 months and 8 months old.

Once the animal is mature; the growth plates close off and are no longer susceptible to damage from exercise. This happens later for larger breeds. While some smaller breeds are mature at about 9 months, this may not happen in some really big breeds until they are 18 months old.

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your puppy as an exercise buddy

So, it's important to bear in mind that your puppy is developing and growing. Their bones and joints will just not be as strong as an adult dog. If you've bought your puppy as an exercise buddy, you'll need to be a little bit patient. It is a good idea to regularly check with your vet to make sure your puppy is developing properly.  She will be able to tell you if your pet is ready for walking or running with you. Once you have got the go ahead, start slowly and build up.

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combine exercise and training

A puppy will need potty training. This can be combined with a short walk around outside. The routine should be feed, potty, walk around and back to bed.

When you take your puppy outside, be mindful of the weather. Avoid going outside on very cold, wet or windy days. On a hot or humid day make sure your puppy stays hydrated.  Give her plenty of water.

Give your puppy a few months of patience and understanding and she will reward you with years of enjoyment as your exercise buddy.

How Far Can A Puppy Walk?
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How Far Can A Puppy Walk?
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