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How Many Toes Does A Dog Have?

How Many Toes Does A Dog Have?

Most breeds of dogs possess four toes on each paw, totaling up to 16 toes! However, dogs can have another type of toe, a dewclaw. Some of them have 18 claws, while others can go as high as 22!

They are located higher up on the leg, sort of like a thumb. They appear on their front and hind legs, but are often removed by breeders, or when they are spayed or neutered.

Some people call them toes, but they are more often referred to as a claw. Dewclaws are removed because they can be an eyesore in dog shows, or in other cases, because they can cause some mobility issues.

Dog claws should be regularly trimmed if the dog isn’t running or walking enough in order for the nails to naturally get worn down. If they get too long, however, they can catch on something and tear very easily, causing your dog pain and opening it up to risk of infection.

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