How Much Does A Dog Cost?

How Much Does A Dog Cost

Getting a dog may cost you as low as $50 to upwards of $10,000 with no set upper limit. It depends on the breed you want, where you are willing to get one, and the age of the dog you want.

Show dog quality puppies are the most expensive you can get. These puppies cost thousands of dollars as they pass strict aesthetic breed standards such as having a perfect coat. On the other hand, you can adopt dogs in rescue centers. They are the least expensive option and if you are lucky, you might even chance upon a free adoption event.

These rescue centers typically already include neutering and spaying as well as de-worming and initial vaccinations so you could save from these procedures. Somewhere in the middle of these two are breed-specific dog rescue centers if you already have a breed in mind but it might take some effort to find one near you.