How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Dog?

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Dog

Adopting a dog can cost between $50 to $250. It varies depending on your location and whether you are adopting from a pound, no-kill shelter or a private rescue organization. It also costs higher if you want to adopt a puppy, a small dog, or a purebred. Of course, now and then, free adoption events pop up because of overcrowding.

Adoption fees are there to make sure new dog owners are capable of caring for their dogs. Providing a dog with a comfortable life, after all, comes with a cost. Vaccinations, food, training, grooming, and more add up to a significant expense.

Dog training is a crucial service that some shelters offer at a discounted rate to underscore their importance. This is because most of the dogs under their care suffer from a variety of trauma such as abandonment or abuse. The service also teaches new owners how to interact and engage their dogs.