How Much To Charge For Dog Sitting?

How Much To Charge For Dog Sitting

You can charge from $15 to $40 a day for your dog sitting service, up to $80 for an overnight stay, and extra for the holidays. You can also charge for pet grooming and dog walking if you offer these services. Also, you should consider the accessibility of the area and special requests from your clients when deliberating how much to charge for dog sitting.

Owners usually prefer to entrust their dogs to a dog sitter they are familiar with as it takes a while to establish a good rapport between dogs and their temporary caretakers. It is advisable to be aware of local dog sitting rates and not charge too much beyond that while charging fairly for your skills and time.

 If you encounter particular challenges with specific dogs, don't hesitate to adjust your fee. As your experience grows, it'll be easier to estimate how much to charge for your dog sitting service.