How Much To Pay A Dog Sitter?

How Much To Pay A Dog Sitter

On average, dog sitters are paid between $15 to $40 a day. This jumps up to $80 if you need your sitter to stay overnight which is usually 12 hours. Expect to pay more for full 24-hour requests and during holidays. You would also need to pay extra if you want the sitter to walk your dog outside and groom your dog as well as if you have any special instructions you need done.

A good dog sitter will be your proxy when you have somewhere else to be for a while. Sitters are responsible for feeding your dog, reinforcing good behavior, discouraging negative behavior, keeping them out of trouble, and generally keeping them company while you are away. Establishing rapport between a sitter and your dog can take time and commitment. 

Keeping a good relationship with your dog sitter is important so knowing how much to compensate them fairly is a good way to start.