November 21


How Smart Are Dogs?

How Smart Are Dogs

Dogs are about as smart as 2-year-olds, at least linguistically. They could learn an average of 165 words and gestures and they could develop basic arithmetic skills. Using these as a measure, it has been determined that some of the smartest breeds are border collies, poodles, German shepherds, and golden retrievers while those that fall behind the average include beagles, bulldogs, and mastiffs. In terms of learning language, dogs rank together with parrots and apes.

Dog lovers believe dogs are one of the smartest animals and that is because dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years through domestication. 

Their brains have evolved as they closely interacted with humans and have formed an intimate and unique understanding of human behavior. Qualities that humans enjoy from their pets also get passed generation after generation through breeding.  The present-day smart, friendly, and adorable dogs are the result of this inadvertent selection.

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