How To Become A Dog Groomer?

How To Become A Dog Groomer

You can be a dog groomer with just 6 to 8 weeks of apprenticeship programs. There are no formal education requirements or licenses for dog groomers although there are voluntary certifications offered by grooming schools you can take. As a rule, employers usually prefer applicants with a high school diploma or GED equivalency when hiring groomers.

As a dog groomer, the services you are expected to offer are proper dog handling with bathing and drying, fur trimming and styling, cleaning ears, brushing teeth and nail clipping. As such, you have to be familiar with different fur needs of specific dog breeds. You must also be attentive to the requests of your clients.

Some dog owners request groomers to have their dogs' appearance maintained in the safety and comfort of their homes. You may also have to service dogs at other locations such as kennels, shelters and pounds, rescue centers, pet stores, and clinics.