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How To Calm An Overactive Dog

A over- active dog is always jumping up on people or furniture, barks or whines excessively, destructively chews furniture and other property or, constantly runs around at top speed. This behaviour almost always stems from two causes. Insufficient exercise and under stimulation.

An Overactive Dog - What You Can Do About It

1. Exercise is the key

Regularly take your dog for long walks - a short daily walk is not enough

Some Ideas For Calming An Overactive Dog
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2. Burning Energy

If your dog socializes well with other dogs and you are lucky enough to have a dog park nearby then take your dog there and let him burn some energy playing with other dogs.

How To Calm An Overactive Dog
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3. daily Training.

Introduce daily obedience training.

What Can You Do About An Overactive Dog
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4. ignore unruly Behavior

What Can You Do About An Overactive Dog

How To Handle An Overactive Dog
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5. don't Touch The Dog

When your dog is behaving badly, don't touch him or make eye contact eith him.

An Overacive Dog - Here's What To Do Next
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6. display calm energy around your dog,

Display calm energy around your dog. If you get excited, your dog is more likely to get excited

Here Are Some Ideas For Handling An Overactive Dog
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7. confine your dog.

When you are away from the house use a crate or gates to confine your dog.This will help prevent destructive behavior.

What You Can Do With An Overactive Dog
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8. Provide stimulation for your Dog.

Get a Kong or similar feeder to keep keep your dog amused when he is going to be left alone.

Why Wait Start Calming Your Overactive Dog Now
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9. provide a variety of distractions

Give your dog toys to play with including chewy toys

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10. If all else fails

If increasing your dog’s daily activity and making sure he isn’t bored hasn’t resulted in a calmer dog, it is worth visiting a veterinarian to check if there is a medical reason for the problem

How To Deal With A Very Energetic Dog
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