How To Check Out A New Pet Sitter – Some Questions You Should Ask

How To Check Out A New Pet Sitter

Sometimes, when we going away for a holiday or maybe traveling for work we have to leave a beloved pet behind. If we doing this for the first time and we prefer not to send a dog to a boarding kennel then we have to check out a new pet sitter.

While you're away there is really no way of knowing for certain how your dog is being treated. We all hope to find a really reliable pet sitter that we can use again and again. Unfortunately, using a pet sitter for the first time can be a bit stressful.

Usually, you can tell whether a person relates well to dogs. And for that matter whether the dogs likes that person. However, whatever your instinct tells you. You should conduct some basic checks.


The “Dogster” blog has just published a list of 10 questions that you should ask any prospective new dog sitter. Getting satisfactory answers to these questions together with checking any written references, proofs of insurance and so on will help you make the right decision.

How long have you been pet sitting?

A higher level of experience, especially if your dog has behavioral or medical concerns, means your sitter has probably worked with pups similar to yours and can handle their specific needs.

Will you be comfortable caring for my dog?

If your pup does have special needs, ask if the sitter is comfortable caring for your dog. You want to ensure your sitter can administer medication, handle behavioral issues, or take your energetic 100-pound Labrador for a walk without issues.

Are you CPR/Pet First Aid Certified?

While these certifications aren’t mandatory, it shows an extra level of conscientiousness if a sitter takes the time to get certified in CPR or pet first aid.

You can see the other 7 questions here.

How To Check Out A New Pet Sitter
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How To Check Out A New Pet Sitter
Some questions to ask when it is time to check out a new pet sitter. Some simple precautions will help you relax when you are away from your beloved dog.
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