How to Detect And Correct Separation Anxiety In Dogs

How to Detect And Correct Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Behaviors associated with separation anxiety in dogs can include urinating, barking, howling or trying to escape. Some of these behaviors can also be associated with other problems such as poor house training so it is important rule these out as a cause. If a dog drools or shows signs of anxiety when his guardians are about to leave the house then it's likely that he suffers from separation anxiety

The problem is triggered when the dog is separated from his human family. Often they will go to extreme lengths to try to escape even causing damage to a house particularly around the exit points. In severe cases they can cause damage to themselves.

Separation anxiety in dogs can be treated. Often the treatment involves showing the dog that being alone can be pleasurable. This can include giving the dog some slow release food device which keeps him busy for the first 30 minutes or so of his isolation. Desensitizing the dog to the cues that mean that departure is imminent is also helpful.


The Whole Dog Journal blog has just published an article which deals with separation anxiety in dogs.

Here is some of what they have to say:

Separation anxiety is a condition in which the dog becomes upset when separated from one or more humans with whom he has hyper-bonded. A dog with true separation anxiety experiences a severe panic attack when he is left alone. Escape attempts by a dog with separation anxiety can be extreme and may result in self-injury. Household destruction often occurs, especially around exit points like windows and doors. Some dogs have even jumped through windows in their desperate attempts to find their humans. Separation-related behaviors vary in intensity from one dog to the next. Milder forms of the behavior are more appropriately called “separation distress,” while the full-blown panic attack truly deserves the label “separation anxiety.

Read the rest of the article here.

How to Detect And Correct Separation Anxiety In Dogs
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How to Detect And Correct Separation Anxiety In Dogs
Separation anxiety in dogs is triggered when it's human family leave it home alone. It can lead to behavior which includes barking, howling, urinating or worse
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