How To Give Your Dog Tablets

How To Give Your Dog Tablets

From time to time you may need to give your dog a tablet. This is much easier with some dogs than with others. The blog has some really good advice about giving your dog tablets.

One of their recommendations is to get your dog used to you opening and closing its mouth from an early age.


As they say:

Getting in the habit of opening and closing your dog’s mouth from an early age is a really good idea. Make it a fun reward based training task on a daily basis with heaps of praise and treats for allowing you to examine his mouth.

Once your dog is amenable to this, placing a tasty treat on the back of his tongue will really help with those times you need to give a tablet directly by mouth.

If your dog is not tolerant of this or showing signs of distress or even aggression with this approach, then we should not attempt to force them.

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How To Give Your Dog Tablets
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How To Give Your Dog Tablets
Some tips about giving your dog tablets
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