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How To Remove Dog Hair From Car?

Any pet owner will tell you that these furry, lovable creatures are inevitably part of the family and will undoubtedly leave an affectionate imprint in your life. Not only this but a dog, in particular, can also leave hair in your car. Pet owners accept this fate of hair stuck in all places of the home and the car. 

We travel beyond our local block walk with our beloved pets, such as on hikes, walks at the beach, or to visit family, and no doubt they will be in the car with us. Getting caught in the hustle of the days, weeks and months have our cars accumulate a lot of dog hair that goes beyond the simple clean up.

But there are methods that you can use to remove dog hair from your car. This article will highlight some ways to remove stubborn pet hair from car seats, seat covers, carpets, and upholstery. The last thing you want is your friends and family describing your vehicle as the 'hair car'. 

How To Remove Dog Hair From Car

Like any pet hair, dog hair can get into all places in the car. Below are the best remedies besides searching for, purchasing, or hiring a 'dog hair remover for car'. 

A tip to ensure less cleaning would be to brush your pooch first before they get into the car. This saves time cleaning down the track. If this isn't always possible, keep reading for more ways to clean your car from dog hair. 

Vacuum Cleaner

The most common way to remove pet hair from your car would be to use the vacuum. Investing in a handheld one will help with regularly cleaning large areas. 

Getting a thorough clean, going to the local car wash, and using their industrial vacuum works wonders and saves time. 

Another way would be to purchase a vacuum rubber-bristled brush attachment specifically to remove pet hair. This attachment can be bought from any vacuum shop and will save you time as it picks stubborn hair stuck in the carpet and upholstery threads.


Have you ever rubbed a balloon on someone's head and found their hair stick to it? Believe it or not, an effective method that will help with the removal of dog hair from your car using an inflated balloon. The static electricity from it picks up hair. It works best to rub the balloon on the carpet or upholstery. You will be amazed at the amount you will pick up.

Collecting the hair is a little tricky, but once you have the rhythm, you'll have a clean car and have had fun cleaning. 

Rubber Gloves

While the use of rubber gloves is for washing dishes or protecting your hands, the kitchen rubber glove can be effective in cleaning a car full of pet hair. Like a balloon, rubber gloves attract pet hair through static electricity. 

Place the rubber gloves on your hands and use a swiping motion in one direction to remove pet hair. It's important to move in the same direction, form a bundle of hair to vacuum, or pick up the clumps easily. 

If this method does not fully remove pet hair, try wetting the gloves with water or lightly spray harder to clean areas with water and repeat the swiping process.

Duct Tape

From securing packing boxes to fixing broken items, duct tape's versatility seems endless. It will also remove pet hair from the car. This simple yet effective way of removing pet hair is an excellent option if you are in a hurry or would like to get into places a vacuum may not reach.

The best way to do this would be to take a piece of duct tape, big enough to wrap the sticky side facing out, around your hand. Press taped hand firmly on the area and lift to remove the dog hair. 

Once the adhesive is lost, dispose and replace the tape around your hand. Continue the process to remove pet hair.   

Seat Covers

Purchasing a quality car seat cover and pet cover is an effective way to protect your seats. You will find that little hair escapes and cleaning will need less effort.

It is important to prevent clogged drains when washing your cover, so thoroughly brushing any build-up before placing it in the wash will help with this. 

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpet 

Fabric Softener

A long time savior that gets your clothes smelling and feeling soft and fresh is the use of softener. But it has other uses too.

The Ingredients within fabric softener enables strands to loosen, making this method useful to remove pet hair from your car. 

Use a spray bottle to mix two teaspoons of fabric softener with water, then spray the carpet and wipe with a paper towel to remove the dog hair. Use a vacuum for any loose pet hair remaining. 

Velcro Curlers

Not just for stylish hair, velcro curlers get dog and pet hair from your car by brushing, running, or rolling them over the area. It is a simple and cost-effective option to gather some hair on the go. 

First, test a small area in the car to prevent any snags. Run it over the area and when it is full, take the pet hair off and use it again.

Use a couple of curlers to brush in tight corners where the vacuum can't reach.

Pumice Stone

The pumice stone used for removing dead skin is a great way to remove dog hair, especially from car mats and upholstery. 

You Will Need:

Pumice stone

Fabric softener


A small bucket and

Spray bottle

Step 1: Fill a bottle with seven parts fabric softener and the rest water to help remove the hair from affected areas. To loosen the hair and reduce the harshness of the pumice stone's surface.

Step 2: Spray the mat or upholstery, move the pumice stone in one direction to prevent creating fluff. Hair should lift off the mat and attach to the stone. 

Step 3: To remove the hair from the stone, place pumice stone in a bucket of water to wash hair away. Repeat process.

Wire Brush

This simple method is usually used at the end of a thorough clean to remove any last stubborn dog hairs. Run the brush over your car's upholstery until you are satisfied you have removed all dog hair.

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets make your clothes soft and static-free when using a clothes dryer. They are a quick and easy option to remove dog hair from all surfaces of your car, just by rubbing the sheets over the seats, the floor, and console to pick up hair and dust. 

Some other solutions

A pet carrier is a great way to contain your dog and prevent him from spreading large amounts of hair in the car.

Keeping your dog out of the car sounds harsh and something we don't want to do, but this will minimize the amount of hair fall in your car. Choose the appropriate times you would take your dog in the car.

A lint roller makes for a quick and easy clean when your dog makes a hairy mess. Easy and no fuss, roll the roller over carpets and upholstery to achieve a swift clean.

All the solutions mentioned work well. You need to choose the most effective way for you. Depending on the length, thickness, and amount of hair your pet sheds, employing more than one way mentioned will help to keep your car clean.

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