How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food

How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food

Your dog is probably begging because it has been rewarded for this behavior in the past. So if you want to stop your dog begging for food you need to stop rewarding for it.

It is difficult to ignore those big brown eyes staring at you or following your fork all the way from your plate to your mouth. Unfortunately, you have to learn to ignore them.

If you feed your dog before your eat your own meal he will not be hungry and it will be easier to teach him to stop begging.

While you are eating the dog needs to be somewhere else. Otherwise, it is too easy to make and exception and this would be counter productive.

You need to decide where your dog is to be while you are eating. If this is his bed or basket then he will need to be taught this and rewarded to stay there.

Remember, you will get whatever behavior you reinforce. So, decide the outcome you want and reward your dog each time he performs or approximates that behavior.​


For a more detailed discussion of this topic see the article by Lauren Corona on the "Labrador Training HQ" Blog​.

Here is some of what they have to say:

Picture the scene: You’re sitting at the dinner table and your beloved Labrador is doing their best sitting right next to your chair, looking up at you with sad brown eyes and perhaps even drooling or whining.

For many dog owners, this pretty much describes every mealtime ever. And, thanks to their unending appetite and unwavering love of food, it’s even more relevant when you’re a pet parent to a Labrador.

Many dog-lovers simply accept this as part and parcel of having a canine companion. However, it can still get frustrating. Plus, if you entertain guests who aren’t used to dogs, it can be embarrassing for you and annoying for them.

The good news is, it’s entirely possible to train your Labrador to stop begging for food. The bad news is, it can take some time to perfect, especially if you have an older dog who’s been getting away with begging for food for years. It also requires a healthy dose of patience and repetition.

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How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food
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How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food
Teach your dog to stop begging for food by not rewarding him when he does beg. It is not hard, it just needs perseverance.
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