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How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food

The simplest way to handle bad habits is not to let them develop in the first place. When you've got a new dog, under no circumstances allow it to sit near the table and be given titbits, and then it will never expect to get any.

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why do dogs beg for food?

Dogs beg for food because they have been trained to do so. In the past, they have been rewarded for their behavior.

Dogs begging for scraps at mealtimes is just about the most widespread training problem that dog owners deal with. We start out by treating them as members of the family and sharing things with them. They receive one or two treats from the table and then begging becomes a habit.

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ignore your dog's begging behavior

Pay no attention to your begging dog. Ultimately, begging is really an attention-seeking behavior. Instead of giving in letting your dog have what he wants (which is reinforcing the bad behavior) just ignore him, and he will eventually learn that it does not bring results. If you talk to your dog, make eye contact or engage with him in any way, you will encourage him to think he is making progress towards his goal. Just ignore him.

Be consistent. In training of any kind consistency, is essential. It is the main key to success. You want your dog to learn that begging at the table does not bring results, so don't teach him that it sometimes brings results. To stop your dog annoying you at meal times, he must never, ever be rewarded for his begging efforts. Ensure that every member of the family understands and enforces the rules.

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Your dog should have a designated feeding place.

For the training to be really effective, your dog should only receive food in one place – in his bowl.

At meal times, put your dog in a sit/stay position and make sure he stays there until you have finished eating.

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If your dog hasn’t been trained in the sit stay command and you don’t want to shut him from the room, tie him to some heavy piece of furniture until the meal is over.

It won’t take long for your dog to understand that he is not welcome at the meal table. It this training fails, more often than not it is because someone breaks the rules and gives the dog a “once off” treat

How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food
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How To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food
Teach your dog to stop begging for food by not rewarding him when he does beg. It is not hard, it just needs perseverance.
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